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“Like Ants Within the Confines of a Plastic Maze” – from THOR GARCIA’S PINK ALLIGATOR

*Excerpt from Thor Garcia’s long-awaited opus magnum Pink Alligator, forthcoming with Equus Press in autumn 2017.

Editor’s Introduction

My experience working with Captain Chip Traybon Walkner, which included editing this manuscript, was illuminating and rewarding.

In addition to his other attributes, Captain Walkner is a gifted observer and interpreter of human behavior. I think you’ll agree he is a fine writer and a trenchant, nimble storyteller. We value Captain Walkner as an Earthly, mentally agile, candid and courageous member of the human family. He relishes life on this plane of existence with a rare vigor.

We may disagree with some of Captain Walkner’s impressions and judgments, from time to time, but this chronicle can only be regarded as a whole and precise telling of the events as he lived them.

To reduce complications, we have changed the names of some of the individuals who appear in this testament. But, using widely available mainstream sources, the alert and canny reader should be able to determine the identities of many of the real-life counterparts without much difficulty.

All footnotes marked “— ED.” are mine.

Our organization asked Thor Garcia to “novelize” Captain Walkner’s text in order to facilitate a broader distribution through public channels. I am confident Mr. Garcia has remained faithful to the testimony presented by Captain Walkner. There have been no significant revisions to the facts, tone or narrative style of the original text.

As is our policy, trademarks™ were included wherever possible throughout the work. This is meant to reflect our fundamental respect for, and faith in, human innovation.

Our outlook and goals can be summarized thusly: We do not wish to rule over others, and we shall not. Neither shall we be coerced, nor shall we surrender, into servitude — mental, physical, pharmacological or spiritual. Living freely and independently, but being of genuine value — to oneself, firstly, and to one’s family, neighbors and colleagues — should be the cardinal aspiration of our species.

Any reasonably perceptive observer would have to agree that, as of this writing, human civilization has lost its economic, cultural, and sociopolitical footing. The human being today exists as a caged creature, preyed upon and manipulated even while in the womb. The human is malnourished, sleep-deprived, overtaxed, over-warred, over-sugared, over-salted, over-toxinned and over-vaccinated. He and she are sexually harassed, over-surveilled, over-militarized, fashion-abused, physically abused, vision-drugged and moving-screen-intoxicated. Throughout all of it, he and she are implored to behave as if they are never distressed and indeed, are thoroughly happy and satisfied with the threadbare emoluments the ruling factions have granted them in exchange for their obeisance.

Why do the faces of so many ordinary people inspire loathing and depression?

We wish to stress that we do not aspire to interfere with trade activity within an honorable economic system. We support property rights and contracts, so long as they are entered into voluntarily and enforced fairly. We do not wish to seize control of, nor to forcibly “redistribute,” material or currency constructs. On the contrary, we hope to encourage the further creation of wealth and wellbeing. But this must be accomplished on a truly healthy and honestly competitive basis, with all individuals possessing some credible degree of ownership of what they produce.

The utility of mendacity is a dominant theme that has been implanted in the human being. It is a theme that the vast majority of humans carry with them like an imaginary shield — most of them unaware, and unpleasantly so, of its implications. The monetary system that prevails today was partly responsible for implanting this syndrome. One of its main duties is continuing to enforce it.

This system is sick and must be reformed — specifically, how material wellbeing is created and distributed. What we call “money” is needed only to smooth the legitimate trade of goods and services. Money has no other uses. The false money currently in broad usage across this planet is based on nothing more than threats and promises. It should be removed from its use as a weapon of destabilization and fear by gigantic bank and cartel factions that are detached from the actual creation of real products. These parasitic entities thrive by creating financial nightmares of survival for the mass of ordinary people. These forces must be denied positions of influence. New means must be devised to protect the assets of productive people.

If you remember, it was the case that one shocking day, ordinary people woke up to discover that the government, banking and finance factions were, again, actually being run by spittle-covered madmen, fantasists and dark-matter eaters. In essence, the schemes of these crooks involved selling the same fictional currency to the highest bidder as much as sixty-four different times. And these self-declared lords of finance began shoveling out billions and billions more of “currency” to keep certain banks and companies alive — not because these firms were “too big and important to be allowed to fail,” but because they had friends in high pro-government factions or ran the government themselves through proxies.

This “one shocking day,” it must be said, has happened again and again, over and over, throughout the history of humankind.

A system of “market capitalism,” in which goods and services are exchanged according to what people are legitimately able and willing to pay, without coercion or manipulation, could be an interesting system that might work — that is, if it was ever allowed to be honestly established and respected. Instead, we have been suffering the further depredations of a crony-thievery economy run by the same largely obscure, “aristocratic” class of incestuous families and factions that still control the most decisive levers of power. They have bombarded the globe with unceasing waves of propaganda and lies attesting to their alleged “necessity” — even as they have endlessly promulgated war, division and plunder in the interests of another twisted binge of robbery. This state of affairs has led to the weakening of our essential glands, and to our current position on the precipice of worldwide cataclysm.

Ultimately, however, we have all played a role. At crucial moments, decent people allowed themselves to be bribed, manipulated and drugged. They did nothing while the forces of death and thievery infiltrated, defrauded and eviscerated, one by one, the unions, the civic reform movements and public education, turning them into worthless husks unable to defend the interests of ordinary people or the respectability of communities. The forces of death and thievery systematically and ruthlessly routed all of those who might have conceivably tried to interrupt their rapine and lust for never-ending streams of conflict and false currency to use in their madcap schemes.

We insist that the current, widely understood definition of “capital” be revised. No system based on “credit” and the routine robbery of ordinary people — and which ignores, and indeed, actively devalues, the cultural and social “capital” that all of us depend on — should be expected to survive.

The factions behind such actions have done all they can to wreck our economies, cultures and essential health and other qualities. The results of their efforts have been execrable. They must be relegated to the graveyard of human folly and betrayal.

Yet we are just entering the crucible. Nonnegotiable: The human birthright to clean water, air, food and weather must not, in any way, be impaired more than it already has. The destiny of our species depends upon it.

Most immediately, we emphatically oppose the establishment of a “cashless” society, in which all transactions are to be monitored by untrustworthy corporate and government factions. A nonnegotiable tenet of human existence must be the ability to trade without the approval of banks, governments and other self-proclaimed overseer factions. Human beings shall not be treated like creatures whose every activity can be studied like ants within the confines of a plastic maze.

The current situation also reinforces our opposition to the imposition, by anyone, of lists of rules, laws, regulations and the like. Our policy is easy to understand: The fewer the formal rules, the better it is for humankind. It is long past time for people to stop bossing each other around at the point of a gun or by the threat of some fiduciary punishment. Too often, as history has amply demonstrated, a surfeit of laws and regulations leads only to corruption, exploitation, injustice, war and increased poverty. There is a direct correlation between the amount of “laws” and the corruption of a government. Powerful, violent factions eventually seize authority over these rules and use them to extend the shameful human legacies of theft and cruelty. Rule-based systems assume that people will not act rationally or ethically, but only out of mendacity and greed — in fact, they rely upon, and their existence is designed to affirm and promote, this very proposition. And such systems inevitably, and invariably, lead to scenarios in which the proper, healthy functioning of our glands is put at dire risk.

We fundamentally disagree that greed, rapaciousness and psychopathology define the natural state of the human. On the contrary — we believe that all-encompassing, rule-based systems are designed to prevent the ordinary person or voluntary community from having any realistic, commonsensical outlet or means to defend their rational health and survival interests. Such systems must be abolished.

In line with this philosophy, we support the maximum decentralization of all artificial institutions (i.e., everything linked to government, corporate and religious factions, of any stripe). Artificial institutions are collectives whose raison d’être is to enforce rules. They strive to inhibit the individual from developing and acting upon his natural capabilities. Restricting or eliminating the power of institutional factions will also reduce the ability of psychopaths and traitors to the human spirit to inflict their destructive illness on great numbers of people. The leaders of huge organizations and factions have never served the cause of human freedom. They have served only the interests of predators who use fear and trickery to weaken and criminally seize material gain from their fellow human. Torturers, thieves, propagandists and puppets must no longer be leaders.

Denied funding through our refusal to pay their fraudulent taxes, these gangs will be stymied in their attempts to launch additional wars and control doctrines aimed at fostering drug addiction, illness, crime and societal breakdown. They will be denied the dark energy they crave from the essence of those they have enslaved, starved, wounded and murdered.

We are not, a priori, opposed to the voluntary formation of nation-states. But, again, nonnegotiable: We oppose border restrictions and land grabs of any kind. Borders do nothing but empower factions and regimes, who then use this invented authority to create more rules, punishments and control systems, which they enforce through violence, programming, pharmacological manipulation and the creation of false enemies.

The land of this planet belongs to all human beings. They should be free to move about it without restriction, depending upon their capacity to care for themselves and conduct meaningful activities. We wish much strength, health and glandular vitality to voluntary communities that occupy a piece of land and care for it. But no community has the right to forcibly control anyone’s freedom of movement or restrict their desire for expression.

It follows that we stand opposed to the practice of imposing citizenship in nation-states at birth. Human beings do not “belong” to factions who assert ownership over bordered territories, stamping and numbering newborn individuals like herds of cattle, as based upon their ability to assemble armies and exercise coercion. Such groups are nothing more than mafias of imposters and thieves who care little for their own wellbeing or the wellbeing of their fellow human. They are yet more factions who crave death and cannibalism and attempt achieve their ends through slaughter, poisoning and falsehoods.

Along similar lines, we refuse to pay attention to anything even tangentially related to alleged “ethnicity,” “skin color” or “blood.” These are useless and artificial distinctions promoted by abusers, quacks and swindlers. They use tactics of division, guilt and violence to advance nothing more than their lust for power. It is beyond despicable for factions to painfully distort the grand and legitimate human search for “identity” and meaning for their own malicious advantage.

The one thing we do endorse, and have complete confidence in, is unrestrained human expression. In our view, nothing the human mind can create or envision is off-limits. There are no taboos. Unrestrained expression is, in fact, humankind’s ultimate defense against its worst enemy: Humankind. The drive for expression has not, we are happy to say, been totally beaten or drugged out of us yet.

The ability to speak and create freely is, of course, the foundation of all human notability. It is the last, and best, defense against those who would repress, prey upon and destroy. Our bedrock belief is that if the human can create it, the human can improve it or combat it through further creation. There is no reason for humans to crack down on words or images expressed by the human, for these expressions reflect existent interior states that must be reckoned with. Only scoundrels, the power-obsessed and the greedy set limitations on what can be said, seen or heard by human beings.

This, I should point out, has nothing to do with tolerance. It has nothing to do with love or understanding. It has nothing to do with force. It is only about humans, whoever and however they are, expressing what they feel they must express.

This ideal, however, should not be misconstrued or mislabeled: Mass-media domination, or industrial lie-telling, by a select few factions, as is the case today, has little to do with open expression. The present industrial lie-confusion-war-promotion establishment must be opposed and undermined at every turn. Horrific abuse and manipulation cannot, it seems, be avoided under the current “education,” or indoctrination, system and its associated technologies. The corporation, bank and “intelligence” factions that control mass culture have, for generations, done little more than spread monstrous, wounding untruths. They have hijacked the human mind and are involved in vast programs of intellect colonization, with the aim of enforcing malfunction, perceptual imprisonment and spiritual allegiance to crippling, nonsensical and unhealthy goals. These factions, for example, continually create, promote and impose “innovations” that destabilize and discombobulate society, providing little or no tangible or mental benefit in the process.

Our position: If cultures are prevented from telling the truth to themselves, they are destined for ruination.

That said, we have no objection to people choosing to pursue religious, materialistic, sexual, temporary sensory-rearrangement or other belief systems — but, as all of these pursuits possess inherent flaws and fall short of amounting to a comprehensive basis for healthy living, they should never include coercion of any kind. Coercion of the human inevitably leads to destruction, which leads to reaction, which leads to counter-reaction, and so on, perpetuating the harmful cycles that have already constrained humankind’s advancement for millennia.

It should almost go without saying that we utterly oppose the further manipulation, of any kind, of human, plant or animal genes or naturally occurring liquids. All efforts to develop “gene-editing techniques,” “gene-drivers” or “genetically-modified organisms,” along with promotion of transparently false notions such as “transhumanism” or machines like “robo-bees” substituting for natural processes, are abominations. These projects have as their goal the eventual reduction of the human population by as much as 90 percent — a vain and ugly proposition that will never protect the “elite” factions who may aspire to longevity and control. They will only lead, inexorably, to the decimation and elimination of our species.

In conclusion, we seek the development of non-authoritarian, voluntary structures and a physically and psychically robust, healthy lifestyle for all humans through the natural functioning of our glands. The foundation of glandular health is guaranteed through the provision of clean, unmodified water, air, food and weather. Ensuring such provisions must be assured the highest priority, bar none save the defense of our planet and species from infiltration by non-terrestrial presences.

Pursuing rationality, logicality and commonsense; vigorously questioning the alleged “truths” of experts and authorities; being awake, vigilant and ready to work to secure physical health and economic and intellectual freedom — these are the necessary bases from which to begin. You, dear reader, need look no further than inside yourself, and to take as long as necessary to examine what is there. You are the evidence of what has occurred. You are the indicator of where the future will lead and what steps must be taken. You, me, all of us — we are the only evidence that is required.


Dr. Sidney Mossbridge

Steering Committee

Glandular Life-Support Action & Natural Neuronal Development Society™ (GLANNDS™)

About Equus Press

EQUUS was established in 2011 with the objective of publishing innovative & translocal writing.


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